Here is an ‘out of my comfort zone’ mixed media page with acrylics, stamps and stencils. I used mostly warm colors for the background and purple. This was a very different color scheme for me – orange, pink, red and purple.

I used different stencils with yellow and white and bubble wrap with brown (a color that I never ever use in my projects). The circles made me think about bubbles and hopeful dreams and I wrote this beautiful quote by my favorite doctor.I liked how these colors work together but I really should start putting more planning for writing quotes! I mostly decide the quote after the page is done, by what the page is making me feel, and that does not always end up perfectly for me.

Do you have any approach for including quotes in your pages? Leave me a comment below or send me a message on the ‘Contacts’ page – I love hearing from my wonderful readers!


Black Magic – Rescue page



This is a page filled with mistakes. I started with a page that had left over paint from a previous project and used different colors on top of it. The page was turning out too bright and felt non cohesive. I thought maybe I should use gesso on top of my work to mute the colors, as I had seen alot of YouTubers do. Ummm not the best ides. But hey, if I don’t try, how will I know?! Anyways after alot of panicking and giving up, I decided to use a technique similar to a card making technique where pops of color show on a page filled with black.

I made some flower doodles with a sharpie and covered all the negative area with black. Once completed, I also doodled with white gel pen.

What about you? How do you salvage an art piece that is not working out for you? Leave me a comment below or send me a message on the ‘Contacts’ page – I love hearing from my wonderful readers!

If I Cannot Fly, Let Me Sing


A page filled with experiments and new tools today!

I started with some left over paint from another project. The paints already on the page were – blues and greens. I decided to use pink and light brown as the contrast color and continued with the blues and greens for the background. Once I was happy with the background, I rummaged through my “Use This” box and found these beautiful bird rubs ons. The birds have a light beautiful shimmer and ends up with a glossy finish. I also used green gel stick around the birds to add shadows.

I used alot of new things on this page:

  • Punch for border
  • Crackle medium
  • Rub ons
  • Stamps for mark making
  • Light brown paint. I can’t believe I never used it before. Really liked how it looks in busy background.

I found this quote and felt it went along so well with page. For this page, the only thing I wish I had done differently was to find the quote and planned it before sticking the birds. When I started, I wasn’t sure if rubs on would work on acrylics and once I found they did, I could not stop myself. (Yes, that happens alot with me!)

Before writing the quote, I added gesso to make the quote stand out and wrote it with black acrylic paint.

As this was a page where I used paints from other projects, it has alot of different textures going on in the background: there’s paint applied with foil, foam brush and brayer. I love these kind of pages, I would have never thought of using so many tools if I started from a blank page. Here is closer look at the pages- you can see the glitter on birds as well as different textures:




Do you use Rub ons in your art? I would love to know your thoughts! Leave me a comment below or send me a message on the Contacts page. I love hearing from my wonderful readers!



Teddy Spinner Card

Happy New Year!

What better way to start a New Year than with gratitude and appreciating people in our lives! Here is a fun, interactive, thank you card idea which will surely bring joy to the receivers. The teddy bear image spins around when you open the card.

The only tricky part is to find a stamp which is relatively symmetrical. You need to stamp and color the same image twice and stick a thread in between the images. My image was not exactly symmetrical and I had to tweak the image a little to get them aligned. Rest is easy-peasy: attach the thread between your card base and a cardstock with a window of any shape

For the window cardstock I kept the decorations simple. I used a dots stamp with blue, pink and golden glittery Brilliance inks and added a frame with the glossy pink cardstock.

I feel this has become my favorite interactive card due to the simple technique. Which interactive card technique do you like the most? Leave me a comment below or send me a message on the ‘Contact’ page. I love hearing from my wonderful readers!

Merry Christmas!


Merry Christmas!

Here is a fun and easy card idea for you.

I made the background with distress inks. I used different blues and purple shade. Stamped the penguin and snow man and colored them in with alcohol markers and color pencils.

The sentiment I initially stamped with golden ink but it wasn’t crisp enough. So stamped it again with black ink and heat embossed it with clear embossing powder. I also added loads of snowflakes with silver ink, silver glitter embossing powder and Brilliance platinum ink. Finally used a frame with silver glitter paper.

Do you prefer to make traditional christmas cards or the whimsical ones? Leave me a comment below or send me a message on the ‘Contacts’ page – I love hearing from my wonderful readers!

Take Care of Your Soul!


How do you start a journal page? Do you always know how you want the final page to look like? Or do you start with a specific image and go forward blind? Or are you clueless when you are facing the blank page and know only that you want to create something? Or is your method something completely different?

My approach differs every time and depends purely on how I am feeling. Today I wanted to start with a blank page and just create. No planning, just expressing. I really like the acrylic abstract techniques where background is in the shape of squares and that was my inspiration for the background. I used thin strip of gift card as a tool and used warm color acrylics in the background.

In the layered backgrounds like this one – I start with a light layer of all the colors I plan to use, and then decide which colors I want to be the focus. In this painting I decided to use yellow, orange and red as my main colors and pinks as ‘filler paints’. I tend to sandwitch the ‘filler colors’ between the main colors. This way the ‘filler paints’ peep behind the main colors.

Once the background was done, I decided to use this beautiful stencil of a girl and a bird. There are so many ways to interpret this stencil and I am looking forward to use it in all the different ways.

I colored the girl in blues and purples and I also added the teal blue in background to tie everything together. I used this beautiful quote which goes so well with the stencil. I used an acrylic paint marker to write the words and used it with gel medium. Unfortunately the gel medium spread the black paint. (I am still unable to appreciate the craze about using gel medium as glue!) To lighten it up, I used Prima water soluble oil pastels around the border of words.

As final touches I also used Gold stencil paint by Momenta and randomly applied it in the background, border as well as on the dress. It is a beautiful transparent paint which adds nice sparkle.

I loved how this painting transitioned from poignant colors like yellow, orange and reds to the serene blues and purples. And so did I in the process..

I would love to know what Art means to you and how you approach the process. Leave a comment below or send me a message. I always love to hear from my wonderful readers.


Snowy Art Journal Page


Hi There!

I have recently been in a green color phase – picking out greens for my projects, buying green paints and loving the green christmas gift packings! This page was inspired from a christmas gift cookie box which had singing penguins in a background of green and snow.

Instead of penguins I decided to use a light source. I made the background with different shades of green – light around the lamppost and darker around the edges. I used a sponge to apply the colors and around the lamppost I used a circular motion, rest of the page was random application.

I decided to add a whimsical touch to the scene by adding a pink mist near the ground and a bit in the sky.

Drew the trees first with brown chalk pastel and colored them by mixing Black + White + Purple. I loved the purple shade I achieved and thought it went perfectly with my whimsical snowy forest scene. The pastel also mixed with the acrylics and made them more deeper.

Next was the snow – lots and lots and lots of diluted white paint splatters and white posca pen on the tree branches and lamppost. I also used dimensional glitter snow. Love the sparkle and texture that it adds to the project.

I would love to know your thoughts about making winter pages. Leave me a comment below or send me a message on the ‘Contacts’ page – I love hearing from my wonderful readers!

Cheers and Happy Holidays!


You're Turtle-y Awesome


Don’t you love it when you think of using your much loved products in new and different ways! I made this card for my really kind and sweet friend and used all the products that I love to make it extra special.

I combined my favorite style of cardmaking – making water scenes with distress inks and this heart circle die, and this is what I got. I also used a wave stencil in the background. The stamp sets are from different companies. I like to combine my products and feel I get more from my supplies when I keep them theme wise.

I also used the sentiment with black glitter embossing powder. I love this sentiment. You can use for birthdays, thank you, congratulations etc. This whole card was actually made just around the sentiment. I decided the sentiment first, then planned the card.

I loved how it turned out, especially because I was able to combine my favorite things. Do you like creating cards with scenes or is your style more of a Clean and Simple look? Leave me a comment below or send me a message on the ‘Contacts’ page – I love hearing from my wonderful readers!

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